Just had the best fucking night ever at the Watsky concert in Mesa with the homies Katie and Mar thanks for the awesome night!

I got a haircut

Just a quick something because I haven’t posted in a while

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Goeff: Rayn are you holding my hand!
Ryan: I’m still drunk
If you have not seen downhill slam please go do that

On my way to Vegas and I am kind of really excited I get to play in the adult arcade!

A quick space ray and frozen space roses

A very tiny nora

mrboogieman said: ROARS. YOU CAN DO IT. Punch the ghosts. Kick the monsters. >:U

oh man if there are monsters or ghosts the only way it’s going to turn out good is if they are cute bc then they could have me. I’ll show up to school with a cool new werewolf bf or ghost cutie holding my hand yeaaa can that be my night? 

Plannnnnnning drunk ass game night with my friend!